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AEG, Blanco, Zanussi L-Shaped Dishwasher Heating Element - Part # DWBL001

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AEG, Blanco, Zanussi Dishwasher Heating Element.

Part No. DWBL001.

Equivalent to part Nos. 50249381000, ES213889, 1525265110, 1525265102.

Heating element, 2100Watt 230Volt. This part is often responsible for the dishwasher tripping the earth leakage circuit breaker in the meterboard.

Terminals 25mm apart on an bracket 50mm X 27mm with a central mounting bolt. Arm length from centre of terminals to far side is 470mm. Arm lenth of long arm furthest from the terminals is 290mm. Mounting bracket centre bolt is 90mm in from the edge of the element. Fitted with 6.4mm spade terminals.

Suitable for many models and brands that use this type of element.


KDW1, F.2403, F.2603, F.2807, FAV2403, FAV403, FAV603, FAV806, FAVG310,

Electrolux DW125W, ESI602B, ESI602W, ESI602X, ESF609, ESF610, ESF610-BIO, ESI6104B, ESI6104W, ESI6104X, ESF611, ESF619, ESF619K, ESF620, ESF662, ESF672K, ESI650B, ESI650K, ESI650W, ESI650X, ESI664A, ESI664B, ESI664K, ESI664W, ESI664X, ESI669B, ESI669K, ESI669W, ESI669X, ESL620, ESL6114, ESL624, ESL672, ESL679I, LL12B, LL12X,

FD604W, FD604Z,

DA6141, DA6241, DTI6726, DW6625-BIO, DW6635-BIO, DW6645-BIO, DW6714, DW6814, DW6826, DW6826M, DW683, DW6837, DW6837M, DW684, DW6849, DW687, DW695, DW697, DW929W, DWS410, DWS663, DWS6726, DWS6737, DWS6804, DWS684, DWS685, DWS686, DWS694, ID6294B, ID6294S, ID6294W, ID6294X, ID6345A, ID6345B, ID6345S, ID6345W, ID6345X, ID6745B, ID6745S, ID6745W, ID6745X, Z1000PL, Z1S, Z2000S, Z2200MS, Z907PL, Z9MS, ZBLACK, MS, ZD551I, ZD751B, ZD751S, ZD751W, ZD851A, ZD851B, ZD851I, ZD851S, ZD851W, ZDI6041B, ZDI6041N, ZDI6041W, ZDI6041X, ZDM6714B, ZDM6714N, ZDM6714W, ZDM6714X, ZDM6814B, ZDM6814N, ZDM6814W, ZDM6814X, ZDM6837, ZDM6837B, ZDM6837N, ZDM6837W, ZDM6837X, ZDM6925N, ZDM6925W, ZDS6070X, ZDT6254, ZDT6894, ZOP32W, ZP3416, ZT6755I, ZTI6050, ZTI6865, ZTM6814, ZTM6825, ZW107, ZW108, ZW123, ZW125, ZW416, ZW626, ZW726, ZW826,

IG643.3B, IG643.3E, IG643.3J, IG643.3W, IG643.4W, IG643.4B, IG643.4E, IG643.4J, IGV643.3, IGV643.4.

May suit others including some Blanco models.

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