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5X12mm Carbon Motor Brushes suit Bosch Front Loader - Part  # BT407

5X12mm Carbon Motor Brushes suit Bosch Front Loader - Part # BT407

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Universal Motor Carbon Brushes to suit Some Bosch Washing Machines (1 Pair).

SEI part no. BT407. Markings on brushes 39L 604. Equivalent to original part number 496871, BSH118012A.

Other alternate part numbers 088421, 092024, 092025, 096331, 096357, 096805, 496876, 096809, 496875, BS12102.

Bare carbon brushes which can be used to replace many Bosch & other European front loader motor brushes.

Dimensions 32.5mm long X 4.7mm thickness X 12.2mm wide. Fitted with insulated copper braid and 6.6mm X 3mm Molex terminal.

Fits Bosch WFK4000/01, WFK4000/02, WFK4000/03, WFK4000/04, WFK4000/05, WFK4010/01, WFK4010/02, WFK4010/03, WFK4010/05, WFK5000/00, WFK5000/01, WFK5000/02, WFK5000/03, WFK5000/04, WFK5010/01, WFK5010/02, WFK5010/03, WFK5010/04, WFK5010/05, WFK5300/03, WFK5300/04, WFK5300/05, WFK5510/02, WFK5510/03, WFK5510/04, WFK5510/05, WFK5600/01, WFK5600/02, WFK5600/04, WFK6000/01, WFK6000/02, WFK6000/03, WFK6000/04, WFK6010/01, WFK6010GB/02, WFK6010GB/03, WFK6010GB/06, WFK6010GB/08, WFK6010GB/12, WFK6410GB/01, WFK6410GB/02, WFK6600/01, WFK6600/02, WFK6620/08, WFK7310/01, WFK7310/06, WFK7310/08, WFK7310/12, WFK7410GB/01, WFK7410GB/06, WFK7710/06, WFK7710/08, WFK7710/12, WFK8010GB/08, WFK8010GB/12, WFS7000/01, WFS7000/02, WFS7000/03, WFS8000/01, WFS8000/02, WFS8000/03, WFS8300/01, WFS8300/02, WFS8300/03, WFS8300/06, WFS9310/01, WFS9310/06, WFS9310/08, WFS9311/08, WFV5800/01, WFV5800/02, WFV5800/03, WFV5800/04, WFV6800/06, WFV6800/08, WFV6800/12, WFV6900/01, WFV6900/02, WFV6900/03, WFV6900/06, WFV6900/08, WFV6900/12, WFV7800/12, WIK5500/02, WIK5500/03, WIK5510/02, WIK5510/03, WIK5520/01, WIK7500/02, WIK7500/06, WIK7500/08, WIK7510/01, WIK7510/02, WIK7510/08, WIK7510/12, WUK4300/03, WUK4310/02, WUK4320/01, WUK5310/02

Bosch WOH3010/01, WOH3010/06, WOH3010/07

Bosch WFA1000/03, WFA1010/01, WFA1010/03, WFA1010/08, WFA1010/15, WFK4010/08, WFK4010/12, WFK5010/06, WFK5010/08, WFK5010/12, WFK5010/15, WFK5300/06, WFK5310/06, WFK5310/08, WFK5510/06, WFK5510/08, WFK5510/12, WFK5620/06, WFK5620/08, WFK5620/12, WFK5730GB/04, WFM2000/02, WFM2000/03, WFM2010/03, WFM2010/08, WFM2010/15, WFM2030/01, WFM2030/04, WFM3000/02, WFM3010GB/02, WFM3010GB/03, WFM3010GB/08, WFM3010GB/15, WFM3030GB/02, WFM3030GB/04, WFM3410GB/01, WFM3410GB/08, WFM3410GB/15, WFM3420GB/01, WFM3420GB/03, WFM3420GB/08, WFM3420GB/15, WFM3600/02, WFM3600/08, WFM3600/15, WFM3620/08, WFM3710GB/08, WFM3710GB/15, WFM4030GB/04, WFV3800/02, WFV3801/08, WFV3801/15, WFV3810/01, WFV3810/03, WFV3810/08, WFV3810/15, WFV4830/01, WFV4830/04, WFV5800/06, WFV5800/08, WFV5800/12, WIK5500/06, WIK5500/08, WIK5500/12, WIK5510/06, WIK5510/08, WIK5510/12, WIK5510/15, WIM3410GB/01, WIM3410GB/03, WIM3420GB/01, WIM3430GB/04, WIM3450GB/01, WIM3450GB/04, WUK4300/06, WUK4300/08, WUK4300/12, WUK4310/06, WUK4310/08, WUK5310/08, WUK5310/12

Bosch WFK6010GB/14, WFK6030GB/01, WFK6030GB/04, WFK6030GB/06, WFK6330/01, WFK6330/06, WFK6630/01, WFK6630/04, WFK6630/06, WFK7030/01, WFK7030/04, WFK7310/14, WFK7330/01, WFK7430GB/01, WFK7430GB/04, WFK7710/14, WFK8010GB/14, WFK8030/01, WFK8030/04, WFV6800/14, WFV6900/14, WFV7800/14, WIK7510/14, WIK7530/01

Bosch WOH8210/01, WOH8710/01, WOH8710/06, WOH9710/01, WOH9710/06, WOV7900/02, WOV9900/02, WOV9900/06

Bosch WET2820GB/01, WET2820GB/11, WET2820GB/12, WET2820GB/13, WFE7300/01, WFE7300/06, WFE8300/01, WFE8300/06, WFE8310/08, WFE8310/09, WFE8510/01, WFE8510/06, WFE8510/08, WFE8510/09, WFE8700/01, WFE8700/09, WFE9310/09, WFT2800GB/01, WFT2800GB/11, WFT2800GB/12, WFT2800GB/13, WFT2806GB/13, WFT7010GB/01, WFT7010GB/08, WFT7410GB/07, WFT7410GB/08, WFT7420GB/07, WFT7420GB/08, WFT8010GB/01, WFT8030GB/01, WFT8030GB/02, WFT8410GB/01, WFT8420GB/01, WFT8430GB/01, WFT8430GB/02, WFT8440GB/01, WFT8440GB/02, WIT7410GB/08, WIT7420GB/08, WIT8410GB/01, WIT8430GB/01, WIT8430GB/08, WIT8440GB/01, WIT8440GB/08, WIT8450GB/01, WIT8450GB/08

Bosch WFP3200GB/11, WFP3200GB/12, WFP3201GB/01, WFP3300GB/01, WFS2030/01, WFS2030/02, WFS2030/07, WFS4010GB/01, WFS4030GB/01, WFS4030GB/02, WFS4030GB/07, WFS4310/01, WFS4330/01, WFS4330/02, WFS4330/07, WFS5330/01, WFS5330/02, WFS5330/07

May also suit some Siemens & Neff models.

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