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32mm Quality Elongated Vacuum Dusting Brush - Part # BR04B

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Quality Elongated 32mm Dusting Brush.

Part No. BR04B.

This elongated dusting brush from Menalux is an indispensable tool in any cleaning ensemble. If you use your vacuum to clean above the floor or other utility work, a dusting brush is often the tool you will use.

With one tool, Menalux has addressed all the deficiencies of regular dusting brushes. The cleaning face has been shaped for the way people clean, not designed just so it can be stored within a pre-fabricated slot on the back of a vacuum. This dusting brush has a 125mm cleaning depth.

The elongated service end of the tool has nearly twice the cleaning area of standard dusting brushes letting the user do more work in a single pass. The top is also tapered and bristles are swept forward letting you clean into corners and reach areas inaccessible to other tools; and the suction opening is tapered so suction is evenly distributed the whole length of the tool.

Fits many vacuums which use standard 32mm floor tools including Electrolux, Vax, most Volta, Some Nilfisk and many commercial brands.

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