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150mm Vent Adaptor for Robinhood RWC, RWG, RWH, RIE Rangehoods - Part # 115218

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150mm Adaptor for Robinhood Rangehood Venting.

Part No. 115218.

Adaptor that attaches to the rangehood to allow the fitting of external 150mm duct hose or pipe.

Includes self closing vanes to prevent insects & vermin from entering the appliance.

Can be used in conjunction with the 150mm rangehood vent hoses we have listed.

Dimensions of rectangular end - 18.4cm x 16cm. Height - 55mm.

Fits some Robinhood rangehoods including RWC, RWG, RWH & RIE series models.

May also suit other brands which use 150mm venting.

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