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12KV Microwave Oven High Voltage Diode Set - Part # ZA018

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Microwave Oven High Voltage Short Protection Diode & High Voltage Diode Set.

Part No. ZA018.

Includes part nos. HV05-12 & HV-6X2P.

High voltage diode & high voltage protection diode used in many brands of microwave ovens.

High voltage diode has a ring terminal on the earthed end and a 6.4mm female spade terminal on the hot end. The protection doide is joined to the hot end of the high voltage diode and has a piggyback 6.4mm spade terminal on the other end.

Note: Microwave ovens contain dangerous voltages which can be present long after the appliance is turned off and unplugged, and should only be opened and worked on by qualified technicians.

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