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1200/2000Watt Dual Oven Element with Crosswire - Part # EU034

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Dual 1200Watt / 2000Watt Top Oven / Grill Element.

Part No. EU034, RE0193.

1200Watt / 2000Watt, 220Volt.

Dimensions - 38.5cm X 28.5cm. Distance from opposite side of element to mounting bracket - 34cm. 6.4mm spade terminals angled up. Crosswire length - 43cm. Mounting bracket hole spacing - 51.5mm + 51.5mm. Distance between inner element ends on mounting bracket - 32mm. Distance between outer element ends - 74mm.

The crosswire is at rightangles to the mounting bracket.

No cross references are available for this element at this stage.

A 10% discount will be given to the first person that can provide a brand and model number that it is used in.

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