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Replacing an Evaporative Water Cooler Pump

If you live in a hot or dry area, you may be using an evaporative water cooler to keep your home comfortable. They do work better than air conditioners in dry climates, but they also require more maintenance. One of the things that gives out the most often in such a cooling system is the evaporative water cooler pump.

This pump is the part that supplies water to the cooler pads to chill the air. The pump moves the water, so it can be cooled and then distributed throughout the home by the fan. If the pump isn’t working, the entire system fails. You can call someone to make the repairs for you, or you can order a universal evaporative water cooler pump from AllFix Electrical.

If you need to replace your evaporative water cooler pump, look no further. We have parts that are made to fit all the major brands of water coolers. We have pumps in all sizes and even carry Breezaire Circulation pumps. No matter what brand of water cooler you have, we have the pump to fit it.

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