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Panasonic, Uniden 3 X AAA Nickel Metal Hydride NiMH Phone Battery - Part # RBP73

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3.6Volt 3 X AAA Rechargable Nickel Metal Hydride Phone Battery.

Part No. RBP73. Similar to RBP66.

3.6Volt, 910mAH.

Appropriate for Panasonic KX-TC1120ALW, KX-TC1210, KX-TC1220, KX-TC1221, KX-TC1222, KX-TC1223, KX-TC1226, KX-TC1227, KX-TC1230, KX-TC1231, KX-TC1232, KX-TC1238, KX-TC12415, KX-TC1271, KX-TC1281, KX-TC1282, Uniden DSS2105, DSS2115, DSS2155, DSS2165, DSS34xx series, DSS5805, DSS5815, DSS5855, DSS5865, DSS58xx series, DSS7805, DSS7815, DSS7855, DSS78xx series, DSS7955, DSS7956, DSS79xx series, DSS89xx series, WDECT2300, WDECT2305, WDECT2315, WDECT2345, WDECT2355, WDECT33xx series, WDSS53xx series, Dick Smith DSE F7356, F7357.

Plug style A:-

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