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240 Piece Assorted O-Ring Kit - Part # TD004

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240 Piece Rubber O-Ring Kit for Appliances and Automotive Applications.

Part # TD004.

This kit has a large assortment of popular O-ring sizes.


40 pieces 6.0mm X 1.78mm
40 pieces 8.8mm X 1.9mm
30 pieces 10.6mm X 2.4mm
30 pieces 10.9mm X 1.9mm
30 pieces 13.7mm X 1.9mm
30 pieces 15mm X 1.8mm
20 pieces 13.8mm X 2.5mm
20 pieces 17.3mm X 2.5mm

Ideal for many electrical appliance and automotive applications.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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