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ElectroLube Special Plastics Grease (Montage Grease) # SPG35SL

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Premium Grade Synthetic Grease for use on Plastics.

Electrolube Part No. SPG35SL.

Special Plastics compatible grease.

  • Special Plastics Grease
  • SPG is a synthetic grease offering outstanding low temperature performance and excellent compatibility with thermoplastics, including ABS and polycarbonate, even at elevated temperatures
  • SPG is an efficient mechanical lubricant for plastics both with themselves and with metals
  • SPG has been formulated to ensure compatibility with metals commonly used in the manufacture of electrical switches and is particularly recommended as an assembly aid in switch manufacture (Montage grease)
  • 35ml in handy syringe.

Many uses - eg. Photocopiers, timers, etc...
Light-brown colour. Non-melting.

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