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Circuit Works Remote Control Rubber Pad Repair Kit - Part No. CW2605, CW2611

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Rubber Pad Repair Kit for Remote Controls.

Part No. CW2605, CW2611.

  • Repair rubber push-button key pads on remote controls.
  • Restores conductivity to worn carbon key contacts.
  • Forms a tough, flexible, conductive, wear-resistant surface.
  • Two part formula solution.
  • Repairs good for 500,000 keystrokes.
  • Simply mix & repair.
  • Carbon/silver conductive paint solution.
  • Repairs over 50 rubber button contacts.

Ideal for repairing dodgy remote controls for TV's, VCR's, DVD's, stereo equipment, airconditioners, garage door openers, etc. Don't pay hundreds for a new remote.

Made by Chemtronics Circuit Works.

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