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Miele S200 - S800 Series Carbon Hepa Filter - Part # FILTM3

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Miele 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 Series Compatible Carbon Hepa Cartridge Filter.

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Cleanstar Part No: FILTM3.

Alternative part numbers:
FIL71, FIL071, 4854913, 4854915, 4306918, ES100374, ES102568.

  • S301, S311, S311i, S311i-1, S312, S312i Festival, S312, S312i Tri-Colour, S314, S316, S318 Medivac, S324, S326, S326i, S326i Cat & Dog, S334 Ambiente, S336 Blue Magic, S344 Platinum S381, S381i, S386
  • S401, S411, S411i, S412 PROFL, S421, S421i, S428, S428i, S428 Allergy Vac,  S434, S434i, S434 White Pearl, S444, S446, S446i White Pearl, S448, S448i Black Jewel
  • S511, S511i, S511i-1, S512, S512i, S512i Salsa, S512-1, S514 Solaris, S514 Parketto, S516, S518, S524, S526 Cat & Dog, S528 Filtration Guard, S538 Monte Verde, S544 Artico, S548, S558 Silver Moon, S558 Red Velvet, S571, S571-1
  • S624 Deluxe, S624 Parquet & Co, S636 Big Cat & Dog, S638 Allergy Control Plus, S658 Blue Moon
  • S700 Cat & Dog, S700 MedicAir, S700-1 Cat & Dog, S712/1, S718, S718-1, S726 Cat & Dog, S748, S758, S758 + SEB 217-2, S758 + S217
  • S812, S858 + SEB236.

Hepa filter dimensions: length 190mm, width 90mm, thickness 25mm.

Includes active carbon filter layer for odour control.

There is a seal around the perimeter of the frame which seals against the opening in the vacuum's body.

This filter should be changed yearly to maintain efficient filtration and prolong the motor life.

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