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LG 2.0uF 370VAC CBB61 Motor Start/Run Capacitor - Part # 3H01487G

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LG Aircon 2.0MFD 370Volt Rectangular Motor Start/Run Capacitor.

Genuine Part No. 3H01487G, CBB61, 14031101.

Suits some LG airconditioners.

Suitable also for any appliance which uses a start or run capacitor with the same ratings.

Dimensions 38.3mm X 28.8mm X 13.9mm.

6.4mm spade terminals.

Rectangular shape as used in many split system airconditioners, ceiling fans and small appliances.

Suits LG models AMNH096LQA0.AMBALAP, AS-H0966KA2.AMBBLAP, AS-W0964DH1.AMBBLAP, BSM28RI, F09AHJ-N65, FMN07602L.AMBZLAP, FMN0760NL.AMBZLAP, FMN09602L.AMBZLAP, FMN09602RR.AMRZLAP, FMN0960NL.AMBZLAP, FMN12602L.AMBZLAP, FMN1260NL.AMBZLAP, LM-2162H2L, LM-2163H2L, LM-2166B2L, LM-2166E2L, LM-3061B2L, LM-3061H2L, LS-E0960CL, LS-E0960HL, LS-E0960RL, LS-F1260CL, LS-F1260HL, LS-F1260HL, LS-H096QNA0, LS-H096QNA0, LS-H096ZRC0, LS-H126RNA2, LSJ090C-1, LSJ090H-1, LSJ091N-2, LSJ092V-3, LS-J0960CL, LS-J0961HL, LS-J0962HL, LS-J0962HL, LS-J0962YL, LS-J0963CL, LSL120C-1, LSL120H-1, LSL120T-1, LSL121N-1, LSL121N-2, LSL122V-3, LS-L1260CL, LS-L1260NL, LS-L12632L, LS-L1263CL, LS-N096JLL0, LSNL1261NL, LSNL1263DL, LSNQ096AEL, LSNR126JEG, LSQ090C-2, LSQ090H-2, LSQ092H-3, LSQ092V-4, LSR092V-4H, LSR120C-2, LSR120C-3, LSR120C-A, LSR120H-3, LSR122H-3, LSR122T-2, LSR122V-4, LS-R126AEL, LS-R126CEG, LSR12NET-2, LSZ092M-3, LSZ092VM-4, LSZ092VM-5, LSZ122VM-4, LSZ122VM-5, MC07AH, MC09AH, MC12AH, MS07AH, MS09AH, MS12AH, S09AHN-N45, S09AHP-N46, S09AHP-N48, S09TCAN4D60, S12AHP-NE6, S12AHP-NE8, S12TCANTD60.

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