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Samsung WA10H7200GPSA 240VAC 4way Inlet Valve - Part # DC97-15459P

  • $164.50

Samsung 240Volt Hot/Cold 4 way Water Inlet Solenoid Valve.

Part No. DC97-15459P.

This genuine solenoid valve suits WA10A8376GWSA, WA10H7200GPSA, WA10H7200GW, WA10H7200GWSA, WA12A8376GVSA, WA12A8376GWSA, WA14A8377GVSA, WA14A8377GWSA, WA90H7000GWSA top loading washing machines.

This part is a combination hot & cold valve with four solenoids.

The solenoids on this valve are fitted with 6.4mm spade terminals.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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