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Electrolux, Simpson Dryer 8uF 425Volt Motor Start/Run Capacitor - Part # 133015101

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Electrolux, Simpson 8.0MFD 425Volt Dryer Motor Start/Run Capacitor.

Part No. 133015101.

Replaces Part Nos. 1330151018, 8581330151037.

Fits many new Simpson, Westinghouse & Electrolux clothes dryers including models WDV5051 PNC 91600208100, WDV6051 PNC (91600209600, 91600208101, 91600208102), LD500B*00, LD505EB*00, LD505EB, LD505EB*01, LD605EB*00, LD605EB, LD605EB*01, SA904B*00, SA904B*01, SA904B*02, SA904B*03, SA904B*04, SA906B*00, SA906B*01, SA906B*04, SA906B*05, SA906BE*02, SA906BE*03, SA906B*02, SA906B*03, SA906BE*04, SA906BE*05, SA906BE*06, SA906BE*00, SA906BE*01, SB904B*01, SB904B*02, SB905WE*00, EDS6051 PNC 91600206300, EDV5051 PNC 91600206100, EDV5552 PNC 91600208500, EDV6051 PNC (91600206200, 91600206102, 91600206202, 91600206103, 91600206203, 91600206101, 91600206201), EDV6552 PNC 91600208600 & others.

Suitable for any appliance which uses a start or run capacitor with the same ratings.

Dimensions 35mm diameter x 66mm length (not including bolt or terminals). 2 x 6.4mm male spade terminals. Includes mounting bolt & nut.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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