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Chef, Westinghouse Gas Stove Derlite Grill Ignition Electrode - Part # 0049001142

Chef, Westinghouse Gas Stove Derlite Grill Ignition Electrode - Part # 0049001142

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Early Grill Ignition Electrode Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse Gas Ovens & Stoves.

Electrolux part No. 0049001142.

Replaced by part No. 0049001192 or 4055563334.

Length - 60mm including spade terminal. Tip of the electrode is 17.5mm from the bracket. Held in place with one screw through a small metal bracket that is part of the electrode.

Fitted with 2.8mm spade terminal to fit most electronic ignition leads.

This ignitor electrode fits the grill burner in some early Simpson and Westinghouse models. This part has been superceded by the manufacturer.

Suitable for Chef, Simpson & Westinghouse models 71C211W*00, 71C211W*01, 71C213W*00, 71C213W*01, GUC511HB, GUC511HW, GUC511HWN, GUV511B, GUC511W, GUC511WN, GUC511SGB, GUC511SGW, GUC512W, GUC512WN, GUC513W, GUC524FB, GUC524FW, GUC524FWN, GUC534FB, GUC534FW, GUC562, GUC563F, GUC572, GUC572A, GUC573F, GUC573FA, GUC581, GUC581A, GUC583F, GUC583FSA, GUC584F, GUC591W, GUC591W, GUC591A, GUC582W, GUC592W, GUC593FW, GUC593FB, GUC593FA, GUC594FB, GUC594W including all gas types & variations, GUC622W, GUC622WO, GUC622WN with variations *00, *01, *03, GUC624FB, GUC624FW, GUC624FWN with variations *01, *03, GUC692W with variations *00, *01, *03, GUC693FB, GUC693FW with variations *01, *03, GWF540B*00, GWF540B*01, GWF540W*00, GWF540W*01, GWF541VW*01, GWF590W*00, GWF640B*00, GWF640B*01, GWF640W*00, GWF640W*01, GWF640K*00, GWF640K*01, GWF645B*00, GWF645B*01, GWF645W*00, GWF645W*01, GWF645K*00, GWF645K*01, GWF740B*00, GWF740B*01, GWF740K*00, GWF740K*01, GWF740W*00, GWF740W*01, GWF745B*00, GWF745B*01, GWF745K*00, GWF745K*01, GWF745W*00, GWF745W*01, GWF745M*00  & possibly others

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