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Bosch 2200Watt Double Loop Fan Oven Element - Part # 11022808

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Bosch, Siemens 2200Watt Fan Oven Element.

Genuine Part No. 11022808.

Replaces Part No. 11002711.

2200Watt, 240Volt.

Diameter - 205mm. Two loops. 6.4mm spade terminal on each element end.

3 threaded mounting holes 29.5mm apart. 23.5cm from centre hole in bracket to opposite side of element.

Fits some 240volt Bosch models including HB634GTS1A/60, HB875G8B1A/47, HB875G8B1A/49, HB875G8B1A/50, HB875G8B1A/60, HB875G8B1A/63, HB875G8B1A/79, HB875G8B1A/82, HB875G8B1A/91, HB875G8B1A/92, HB875G8B1A/98, HB875G8B1A/99, HB875GDB1A/49, HB875GDB1A/50, HB875GDB1A/60, HB875GDB1A/63, HB875GDB1A/79, HB875GDB1A/82, HB875GDB1A/91, HB875GDB1A/92, HB875GDB1A/98, HB875GDB1A/99, HBG633BS1A/45, HBG633BS1A/49, HBG633BS1A/50, HBG633BS1A/61, HBG633BS1A/63, HBG633BS1A/64, HBG633BS1A/79, HBG633BS1A/91, HBG655HS1A/35, HBG655HS1A/40, HBG655HS1A/45, HBG6753B1A/40, HBG6753B1A/49, HBG6753B1A/50, HBG6753B1A/60, HBG6753B1A/63, HBG6753B1A/79, HBG6753B1A/82, HBG6753B1A/91, HBG6753B1A/92, HBG6753B1A/C6, HBG675BB2A/50, HBG675BB2A/60, HBG675BB2A/63, HBG675BB2A/79, HBG675BB2A/82, HBG675BB2A/91, HBG675BB2A/92, HBG675BB2A/C6, HBG675TB1A/35, HBG675TB1A/40, HBG6769B1A/35, HBG7721B1A/01, HBG7721B1A/C6, HBG7721B1A/D3, HBG7741B1A/01, HBG7741B1A/C6, HBG7741B1A/D3, HBG776KB1A/01, HBG776KB1A/C5, HBG776KB1A/C6, HBG776KB1A/D3, HBG776MB1A/01, HBG776MB1A/C5, HBG776MB1A/C6, HBG776MB1A/D3, HBG776NB1A/01, HBG776NB1A/C6, HBG776NB1A/D3, HBG976MB1A/C6, HBG976MB1A/D3, HR876G8B6A/41, HR876G8B6A/50, HR876G8B6A/52, HR876G8B6A/63, HR876G8B6A/68, HR876G8B6A/82, HR876G8B6A/91, HR876G8B6A/92, HR876G8B6A/A4, HR876G8B6A/B5, HR876G8B6A/B6, HR976GMB1A/C6, HR976GMB1A/D3 and many others.

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