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Belling 2000 Watt Fan Forced Oven Element - Part # 083898900

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Genuine Belling 2000Watt Fan Forced Oven Element.

Part No. 083898900.

Replaces Part Nos. 083123900, 083479700.

2000Watt, 230Volt. Element dimensions - 19.5cm diameter.

Mounting hole in centre of a fixed bracket. 46mm between element ends. Centre of bracket 15mm from element loops.

Fits many Belling, New World ovens including models B900DFB, B900DFSS, B900IB, B900ISS, BCC1100DFB, BCC1100DFSS, BCC1100GTGB, BCC1100GTGSS, BCC1100IB, BCC1100ISS, BEL1100DFB, BEL1100DFJ, BEL1100DFSS, BEL1100EB, BEL1100EJ, BEL1100ESS, BEL1100IB, BEL1100ISS, BI60EPYRAU, BI60EPYRBLK, BI60MFB, BI60MFS, BI60MFW, BI70DOS, BI70DOW, BI90MFB, BI90MFS, BI90MFW, BIPRO60EPYRBLK, BIPRO60EPYRSTA, BIPRO60MFSESTA, BIPRO90MFSESTA, BIPROPYRO, BIPROPYROBLK, BR1100DFCNG/LP, BR1100DFCRNG/LP, BR1100DFDB, BR1100DFDD, BR1100DFDDR, BR1100DFFB, BR1100DFFBU, BR1100DFHJ, BR1100DFIB, BR1100DFMG, BR1100DFPB, BR1100DFRC, BR1100DFRENG/LP, BR1100DFSILS, BR1100DFWB, BR1100DFWHNG/LP, BR1100IB, BR1100ICR, BR1100IDB, BR1100IDD, BR1100IDDR, BR1100IFB, BR1100IFBU, BR1100IHJ, BR1100IIB, BR1100IMG, BR1100IPB, BR1100IRC, BR1100IRE, BR1100ISILS, BR1100IWB, BR1100IWH, BR54DFB, BR54DFC, BR54DFR, BR54DFW, BR54EB, BR54EC, BR54ER, BR54EW, BR900DFCNG/LP, BR900DFCRNG/LP, BR900DFDB, BR900DFDD, BR900DFDDR, BR900DFFB, BR900DFFBU, BR900DFMG, BR900DFPB, BR900DFRC, BR900DFSILS, BR900DFWB, BR900IB, BR900ICR, BR900IDB, BR900IDD, BR900IDDR, BR900IFB, BR900IFBU, BR900IMG, BR900IPB, BR900IRC, BR900ISILS, BR900IWB, BRD1100DFB, BRD1100DFCR, BRD1100DFDB, BRD1100DFFB, BRD1100DFPB, BRD1100DFRC, BRD1100DFRE, BRD1100DFSILS, BRD1100DFWB, BRD1100DFWH, BRD1100GTGB, BRD1100GTGCR, BRD1100GTGRE, BRD1100GTGWH, BRD1100IB, BRD1100ICR, BRD1100IDB, BRD1100IFB, BRD1100IPB, BRD1100IRC, BRD1100IRE, BRD1100ISILS, BRD1100IWB, BRD1100IWH, DB4900EB, DB490E, FSDF60DOS, FSDF61DOWCS, FSE54DOS, FSE54DOSN, FSE54DOW, FSE54DOWN, FSE60DOPW, FSE60IS, FSE60MFB, FSE60MFS, FSE61IS, FSI60MFTB, FSI60MFTS, FSI60MFTW, NW541ETCSTA, NW541ETCWHI, NW601ETCSTA, NW601ETCWHI, S1100EJ, 50554039, 50554039, 50554041, 58542039, 58542040, 58552066, 444410038, 444410256, 444410257, 444410314, 444410315, 444410316 & others.

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