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You only realise the significant role your fridge plays in your home or office when it’s not functioning. When you think of the duties you need to carry out to efficiently run your home or business, the refrigerator is the last thing you’d think about. Considering the fact that you must store the majority of your essentials in cool conditions, you can’t afford to ignore a broken fridge. For this reason, you should invest in quality fridge parts to help restore the appliance to its optimal working condition. If you’re faced with a refrigerator issue, the best place to start is at Allfix Electrical. We stock a wide range of spare parts that you could use to repair your essential appliances.

Reasons You Should Buy Fridge Replacement Parts

The refrigerator has transformed life for many around the world, allowing you to cook and prepare meals in advance and purchase all the items you require for a week or even longer. Since a fridge has multiple components that work together to keep your food cool and fresh, it will naturally undergo wear and tear. Instead of looking for a new appliance when a single part is not functioning, it’s advisable to acquire the necessary refrigeration spare parts. These are some of the reasons you must consider buying refrigeration parts instead of a whole new appliance.

  • Searching for your fridge spare parts online will save you time and energy. While shopping at a brick-and-mortar store isn’t a bad idea, you’d have to visit multiple shops before finding the part for your specific fridge brand and model. Naturally, this process will consume your spare time that you could use doing the things you enjoy. Finding spare parts in an online store allows you to search the database within a few minutes from the comfort of your home. There’s no substitute for this level of convenience.
  • The costs of a new refrigerator far outweigh that of purchasing the spare parts you need to restore the appliance to working condition. In an economically challenging climate, you must save money wherever you can. It doesn’t make financial sense to buy a new appliance when you can replace a part and have your fridge working as usual, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Whether your fridge is relatively new or you’ve had it for over a decade, you will discover a wide range of parts available for your refrigerator. Shopping for parts online means you can access more brands, different warranties, quality, compatibility, specifications, and price.
  • Shopping for your appliance spare parts online means that you can quickly compare prices between different brands and quality to suit your budget.


What You Should Know About Replacing Freezer Parts

Just like your fridge, the freezer is equally important in preserving your food items and keeping them fresh until you can cook them. To avoid those food items spoiling due to a worn-out part, you must address the issue as quickly as possible. Some repairs on your fridge or freezer, such as wiring, aren’t complex and won’t require a professional, but you can attempt other maintenance as a DIY project, including replacing fridge thermostats.

  • Some refrigerator parts are easy to replace since they don’t involve complex electrical wiring components. Before handling any form of repairs on the fridge, ensure that you unplug the appliance. You must assess your handy skills to understand if you can take care of replacing the door seal or the light bulb.
  • You might come across some refrigerator parts in kits, such as the ice maker. Consequently, you’ll end up replacing a few parts at once, which saves you time trying to diagnose what’s wrong with a specific part. Remember that you can find parts that require a higher level of skill to install, but acquiring them and hiring a professional to install the part will save you money.
  • Before you start the process of spare part hunting, note the brand and model of your refrigerator. One excellent way of finding this information is through the owner’s manual. This booklet may also provide details about the part numbers necessary for your repair. Without the manual, you may find this information inside the refrigerator alongside the door frame or in the freezer compartment.
  • You must understand that fridge and freezer spare parts aren’t universal, so you must identify parts compatible with your make and model. Try removing the part, so you know what it looks like when you’re searching for their replacements.


Why Trust Allfix Electrical

We’ve been assisting Australians with spare parts for their appliances for over four decades. We offer a convenient shopping experience through our online store, where you can browse our massive parts catalogue. While we stock new parts, we also provide second-hand ones if you prefer. If you can’t find the correct part, feel free to reach out, and we’ll try to source one for you.

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