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Westinghouse 900 Dishwasher Outrigger Basket Wheel (Pkt 2) - Part # 0238400042K

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Westinghouse 900 Series, Simpson Early Silencio Lower Basket Outrigger Wheel (Pkt 2).

Part No. 0238400042K. Identical to Part No. 0238400020 except for colour.

Wheel assembly which clips onto the back of the lower basket in some Westinghouse 900 series & Simpson Riviera & early Silencio dishwasher models. This listing is for a pair of wheels.

Exactly the same size as the white outrigger wheels used on some early model Simpson Cascade & Super Cascade dishwashers which use 0238400020.

Wheel diameter - 34mm, total length of axle & clip - 60mm, Hole diameter - 4mm.

Note, this wheel is only used at the back of baskets which have 4 main large wheels and 2 smaller wheels at the back. If all of the wheels on your basket are the same size then most likely they will be the part listed here.

The large wheels which match the wheels in this listing are listed here.

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