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Hillmark Scalex Heavy Duty Home Descaler - Part # CL008

Hillmark Scalex Heavy Duty Home Descaler - Part # CL008

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Hillmark Scalex Heavy Duty Home Descaler.

Part No. CL008, 20-1332.

  • Fastest & most effective descaler available.
  • General descaling & rust removal.
  • Removes calcium, lime & rust fast.
  • 375gm bottle.

Lime scale & calcium build-up decreases the efficiency of hot-water appliances, which increases running costs & shortens the appliance's life!

This is particularly severe in hard water areas which is where Scalex does its best work. Its super concentrated formula makes Scalex the fastest & most effective descaler on the market.

Scalex rapidly cleans scale from plastic & metal parts (including internal pipes & valves) and removes rust stains & hard water deposits. It's also great for general rust & lime removal from bath tubs, toilet bowls & sinks, and easily removes tarnish & mineral deposits from stainless steel shower heads, vases & glassware.

For regular cleaning & freshening of dishwashers & washing machines, use Hillmark's Scalex Plus.

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