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Fisher & Paykel Ph7 DishDrawer Dishwasher Tray Tines & Clips - Part # FP512818

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Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher Basket Crockery Racks & Clips (4 Pcs).

Part No. FP512818, 512818.

Replaces Part No. FP523627, 523627, FP524146, 524146.

Small plastic clips which secure the plate racks to the basket and the plate racks used in some Phase7 DishDrawer dishwasher models. Suits models ending in 6. Not suitable for model numbers ending in 6.

Suits models DD60DCM7 (80770-A), DD60DCW7 (80767-A), DD60DCW7 (80878-A), DD60DCW7 (80893-A), DD60DCW7 (80893-B), DD60DCX7 (80768-A), DD60DCX7 (80879-A), DD60DCX7 (80894-A), DD60DCX7 (80894-B), DD60DDFM7 (80771-A), DD60DDFX7 (80772-A), DD60DDFX7 (80881-A), DD60DDFX7 (80896-A), DD60DI7 (80769-A), DD60DI7 (80880-A), DD60DI7 (80895-A), DD60SCTM7 (80766-A), DD60SCTW7 (80764-A), DD60SCTW7 (80876-A), DD60SCTW7 (80891-A), DD60SCTW7 (80891-B), DD60SCTX7 (80765-A), DD60SCTX7 (80877-A), DD60SCTX7 (80892-A), DD60SCTX7 (80892-B), DD60SCW7 (80773-A), DD60SCW7 (80882-A), DD60SCW7 (80897-A), DD60SCW7 (80897-B), DD60SCX7 (80774-A), DD60SCX7 (80883-A), DD60SCX7 (80898-A), DD60SCX7 (80898-B), DD60SDFTM7 (80763-A), DD60SDFTX7 (80761-A), DD60SDFTX7 (80874-A), DD60SDFTX7 (80889-A), DD60SDFX7 (80776-A), DD60SDFX7 (80885-A), DD60SDFX7 (80900-A), DD60SI7 (80775-A), DD60SI7 (80884-A), DD60SI7 (80899-A), DD60SLI7 (80871-A), DD60SLI7 (80886-A), DD60SLI7 (80901-A), DD60STI7 (80762-A), DD60STI7 (80875-A), DD60STI7 (80890-A), DD90SDFTM2 (80779-A), DD90SDFTX2 (80777-A), DD90SDFTX2 (80902-A), DD90STI2 (80778-A), DD90STI2 (80903-A).

Packet of 2 tines & 2 clips.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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