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Bosch SMS46GW01A Series Lower Basket Stop Wheel - Part # 10014039

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Bosch Dishwasher Lower Basket Stop Wheel.

Part number 10014039.

Lower basket stop wheel assembly to suit many Bosch dishwashers.

Includes models S125HCS01A/17, S125HCS01A/36, S185HCX01A/10, SMI6HCS01A/10, SMI6HCS01A/17, SMS2ITI02A/01, SMS2ITI02A/34, SMS4HTI01A/01, SMS4HTI01A/29, SMS4HTI01A/34, SMS4HVI01A/01, SMS4HVI01A/29, SMS4HVI01A/34, SMS6HAI01A/17, SMS6HAI01A/18, SMS6HCB02A/18, SMS6HCI01A/01, SMS6HCI01A/10, SMS6HCI01A/17, SMS6HCI02A/17, SMS6HCW01A/17, SMS8EDI01A/17, SMS46GW01A/49, SMS46GW01A/51, SMS46GW01A/52, SMS46GW01A/55, SMS46GW01A/59, SMS46GW01A/62, SMS46GW01A/69, SMS46GW01A/01, SMS50D02AU/25, SMU6HAS01A/10, SMU6HAS01A/17, SMU6HCS01A/10, SMU6HCS01A/17, SMU8EDS01A/17, SMU8ZDS01A/17, SMU50E65AU/20, SMU50E65AU/26, SMU50E65AU/28, SMU50E65AU/34, SMV6HCX01A/01, SMV6HCX01A/10, SMV6HCX01A/17, SMV6HCX02A/17.

These wheels are used as the two front wheels on the basket.

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