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Bosch SGI, SGS, SGU Series Dishwasher Lower Basket Front Stop Clip - Part # 601260

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Bosch Dishwasher Lower Basket Front Triangular Stop Clip.

Part No. 601260, 00601260.

Stop clip used at the front of the lower basket in some late model Bosch SGI, SGS, SGU series and other dishwasher models.

Suits Bosch & Siemens models SE55M576AU/01, SE55M576AU/45, SE55M576AU/47, SE55M576AU/49, SGD85E02AU/30, SGD85E02AU/76, SGI4335AU/49, SGI4335AU/70, SGI4347AU/38, SGI4347AU/70, SGI43A25AU/56, SGI43A25AU/70, SGI43A45AU/56, SGI43A45AU/70, SGI43A55AU/56, SGI43A55AU/70, SGI53A55AU/63, SGI53A55AU/70, SGI55E45AU/70, SGI55E45AU/76, SGI55M05AU/32, SGI55M05AU/59, SGI55M05AU/65, SGI55M05AU/70, SGI55M05AU/76, SGI59A05AU/63, SGI59A05AU/65, SGI59A05AU/70, SGS09A15AU/26, SGS4072AU/58, SGS4332AU/49, SGS43A92AU/56, SGS43B22AU/56, SGS43B42AU/56, SGS46M72AU/01, SGS46M72AU/82, SGS46M72AU/86, SGS46M78AU/01, SGS46M78AU/82, SGS46M78AU/86, SGS46M78AU/87, SGS53A52AU/56, SGS53E02AU/30, SGS53E02AU/76, SGS53E02AU/77, SGS53E72AU/01, SGS53E72AU/82, SGS53E72AU/86, SGS55E02AU/30, SGS55E02AU/76, SGS55E42AU/01, SGS55E42AU/82, SGS55E42AU/86, SGS55M62AU/32, SGS55M62AU/65, SGS55M62AU/76, SGS55M72AU/32, SGS55M72AU/59, SGS55M72AU/65, SGS55M72AU/76, SGS55M98AU/30, SGS55M98AU/76, SGS85M22AU/65, SGS85M22AU/76, SGU4025AU/58, SGU43E25AU/02, SGU43E25AU/04, SGU43E25AU/05, SGU43E25AU/11, SGU53E05AU/30, SGU53E05AU/71, SGU53E05AU/76, SGU53E05AU/77, SGU53E15AU/09, SGU53E15AU/10, SGU53E15AU/14, SGU53E15AU/15, SGU53E15AU/30, SGU53E15AU/76, SGU55E15AU/09, SGU55E15AU/10, SGU55E15AU/14, SGU55E15AU/15, SGU57M45AU/30, SGU57M45AU/32, SGU57M45AU/36, SGV55M03AU/32, SGV55M03AU/65, SGV55M03AU/70, SGV55M03AU/76, SGV69A13AU/32, SGV69A13AU/36, SGV69A13AU/37, SHI47M45AU/01, SHI47M45AU/45, SHI47M45AU/47, SHI47M45AU/49, SHI55M05AU/30, SHI55M05AU/70, SHI55M05AU/76, SL5KLH1AU/01, SL5KLH1AU/45.

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