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Dryer Parts

Our Dryer Parts Will Have Yours Working Again

If your clothes dryer has broken down and you are in any way semi-handy, then DIY fixing your dryer should be a pleasant challenge. A multi-meter is about the only special equipment that you need to fix a dryer. We stock many dryer parts for all major machine brands, which will allow you to fix your clothes dryer within a few days, knowing that you are inserting quality that will last.

Buying Dryer Repair Parts Instead of Buying a New Dryer

A broken clothes dryer leaves you with three options: buy a new one, get it repaired, or repair it yourself. The DIY option is often straightforward to do and has three main benefits:

  • Labour.Fixing your dryer yourself saves you the cost of labour and a possible call-out fee. Once you’ve perused the parts on our web shop, you’ll quickly realise that the fee charged by the repairperson can easily be double or even triple the cost of a new part. The repairer knows what they’re doing, but dryers are simple machines, and the internet has a wealth of DIY videos for nearly all makes and models.
  • Parts.The greatest benefit of buying your parts is knowing what you get. If you want to install genuine OEM parts, you buy genuine OEM parts, and if you are fine with quality generic parts, then those are the clothes dryer spare parts that you buy and install to repair your appliance.
  • Satisfaction.Few things can compare to the satisfaction and pride that goes with fixing the dryer yourself. You know the job is done well, and any mistakes are your own to fix. You also upped your skillset as a homeowner and maintenance of your house and possessions.


Common Clothes Dryer Parts That Need Replacing

The dryer components that are most commonly replaced are also the parts that any DIY repairer should look at first when the dryer acts up. Looking at the top-selling parts for your specific machine online will help you to determine which parts you should replace.

  • Thermostat and thermal fuse. Clothes dryer thermostats turn on the heating element and heat to the desired temperature. The purpose of the thermal fuse is to blow and cut the power to the dryer if the element overheats. A damaged thermostat may prevent the dryer from heating up and cause it to heat non-stop or overheat.
  • Drum rollers. The rollers make the drum spin and act as absorbers to balance the drum filled with clothes. The rollers wear out, most times not uniformly because there is constant friction between the rollers and the drum. This eventually causes the dryer to wobble, thump or chirp. It is recommended that you replace the rollers at the same time, and while you’re in there, you can also replace the drive belt.
  • Belts. The electric motor turns the drum indirectly using a belt, although there are a few direct-drive dryers on the market. The belt system is the most uncomplicated design, as a spring-tensioned pulley keeps the belt taut. If the motor runs but the drum doesn’t turn, the belt is likely broken or slipping. Just make sure that the drum turns freely on its own when replacing the belt and also check the condition of the rollers.
  • Door switch. The function of the door switch is to make sure the dryer is closed before it switches on, and it immediately switches off when the door is opened. A defective switch will either prevent the clothes dryer heating elements from turning on when the door is closed or turning off when the door is opened. Replacing the switch almost always fixes the latter problem, but if it doesn’t turn on, then maybe first check the thermostat.


About Allfix Electrical

We have been repairing and selling parts for major appliances of most makes available in Australia for over 40 years. If we don’t have your part in stock, we can almost certainly source it. Parts are new from the factory, but we also stock second-hand, used and tested components for dryers, stoves, washing machines and other household and commercial appliances.

Contact us if you need assistance finding the right part for your dryer.