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Haier, HomeMaker, Mistral, Abode Dryer Fan Blower Belt - Part # H0030300086A

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Haier, Mistral, HomeMaker Green Blower Fan Belt.

Genuine Fisher & Paykel Part No. H0030300086A.

Replaces Part No. H0030300313.

Belt diameter - 270mm (Note: belt stretches after use)

Suits Haier, HomeMaker, Mistral, Stirling, Abode, Rank Arena, Boutique & Signature dryers
including Homemaker & Mistral MTD3, MTD4, Haier HMD35, Omega RATD3, SIG3.5, SIG3.5-1 & other Chinese dryers.

The belt may appear to be small, but needs to be stretched to fit.

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