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Chef, Westinghouse Rangehood 28W SES Candle Halogen Globe & Washer Kit. # 4055178703K

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Chef, Westinghouse Rangehood SES 28Watt Halogen Candle Globe & Washer Kit.

Part No. 4055178703K.

Replaces Part No. 0060002083K, ERM2069.

Candle 28Watt SES base halogen globe suits many Chef & Westinghouse rangehoods. Base diameter 13mm. Overall length - 100mm, Diameter - 34.5mm. Includes sealing washer.

Fits Westinghouse models CU600S, CU600S, CU900S, WRG600UK, WRG600UW, WRG601US, WRG602AW, WRG602KWS, WRG600UK*12, WRG600UW*12, WRG601US*12, WRG602AW*12, WRG602KWS*12, WRG613UW, WRG613UW*12, WRG605IK*12, WRG605IK*12, WRG605IS*12, WRG605IS*12, WRG605IW*12, WRG605IW*12, WRG605IS, WRG605IS, WRG605IW, WRG605IW, WRG607IS*12, WRG607IS*12, WRG607IW*12, WRG607IW*12, WRG607IS, WRG607IS, WRG607IW, WRG607IW WRG900UK, WRG900UW, WRG901US, WRG900UK*12, WRG900UW*12, WRG901US*12, WRG913UW, WRG913UW*12, WRG905IK*12, WRG905IK*12, WRG905IS*12, WRG905IS*12, WRG905IW*12, WRG905IW*12, WRG905IS, WRG905IS, WRG905IW, WRG905IW, WRG907IS*12, WRG907IS*12, WRG907IW*12, WRG907IW*12, WRG907IS, WRG907IS, WRG907IW, WRG907IW
Chef models RFC600K, RFC600S, RFC600W, RFC600K*12, RFC600S*12, RFC600W*12, RFC630K, RFC630S, RFC630W, RFC630K*12, RFC630S*12, RFC630W*12, RRC600K, RRC600S, RRC600W, RRC600K*12, RRC600S*12, RRC600W*12, RRC630S, RRC630W, RRC630S*12, RRC630W*12, RRC635S, RRC635W, RFC900K, RFC900S, RFC900W, RFC900K*12, RFC900S*12, RFC900W*12, RFC930K, RFC930S, RFC930W, RFC930K*12, RFC930S*12, RFC930W*12, RRC900K, RRC900S, RRC900W, RRC900K*12, RRC900S*12, RRC900W*12, RRC930S, RRC930W, RRC930S*12, RRC930W*12, RRC935S, RRC935W
Simpson models CS600S, CS600S, CS900S, CS900S, RDHR6S*12, RDHR6S*12, RDHR6W*12, RDHR6W*12, RDHR6S, RDHR6S, RDHR6W, RDHR6W, RDHR9W*12, RDHR9W*12, RDHR9W, RDHR9W, RDHR9S, RDN6S, RDN6W, RDN6S*12, RDN6W*12, RDN9S, RDN9W, RDN9S*12, RDN9W*12.

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