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Universal 15-24 Volt 3.5amp Switchmode AC Adaptor - Part # MP3460

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15volt to 24volt Multivoltage Switchmode AC Adaptor suitable for Laptop Computers & other Personal Digital Electronic Devices.

Part No. MP3460.

15volt, 16volt, 18volt, 19volt, 20volt @ 3.5Amp & 22Volt, 24Volt @ 2.9Amp DC output. 100VAC - 240VAC input. Suitable for any equipment which uses one of these voltages at up to the rated maximum current capacity.

Supplied with 5 interchangable DC plugs and reversible polarity so suit a wide range of appliances. 2.1 X 5.5mm, 2.5 X 5.5mm, 3.0 X 6.3mm, 1.4 X 6.0mm & 1.7 X 4.75mm.

Stabilised, regulated output with low ripple, noise and interference. Ideal for laptop computers and other sensitive devices.

Short circuit and overload protection.

Save time and money. No more batteries. Ideal replacement for many laptop power supplies.
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