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Electrolux ZB3000 Series 18Volt Rapido Battery Charger - # A13087002

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Electrolux ErgoRapido & Rapido Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner Battery Charger & Upper Floor Stand.

Part No. A13087002.

Replaces Part Nos. 988263052, 988263047 & charger Part No. A13087202, Model No. KSA34B2500050HA. Also replaces charger & floor stand Part No. 988068035 but needs the addition of the floorstand base Part No. A13120202.

Genuine battery charger & upper floor stand from Electrolux.

Input 100-240VAC, output 25volts DC 500mAmp.

Fits Electrolux ZB3230P 900942870, ZB3111B, ZB3112AKB 900942770, ZB3113 900942772, ZB3107 900942878, ZB3104 900942768, ZB3301 900942804, ZB3302AK 900942806, ZB3327G 900942814, ZB3324B 900942816, ZB3320P 900942812, ZB3311 900942808 18Volt rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaners.

Also suits ZB3010, ZB3012, ZB3013 but needs floorstand base Part No. A13120202 as well.

There are several different chargers used for different ErgoRapido & Rapido models. If you are unsure of suitability, please inquire prior to purchasing.

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