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Bosch Athlet 30Volt Portable Vacuum Battery Charger, Power Supply - # 12006095

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Bosch Athlet 25.2Volt Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner Charger / Power Supply.

Part No. 12006095, Model No. S015WS3000050.

Genuine battery charger from Bosch.

Input 100-240VAC, output 30volts DC 500mAmp.

Fits Bosch Athlet UltraPower, RuntimePlus, Zoo'o 25.2Volt rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner.

Use only with Australian models VCAS010V25, BCH6255NAU/01, BCH6255NAU/02, BCH6255NAU/03, BCH65MSKAU/01, BCH65MSKAU/02, BCH65MSKAU/03, BCH6AT25AU/01, BCH6AT25AU/02, BCH6AT25AU/03, BCH6ZOOAU/01.

There are several different chargers used for different Bosch handheld models. If you are unsure of suitability, please inquire prior to purchasing.

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