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Kingray UHF 34dB TV Masthead Amplifier MHU34F & 17.5VAC F-Connector Power Supply

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Kingray F-Connector UHF 34dB TV Antenna Masthead Amplifier & Power Supply.

Part Nos: MHU34F & Power supply (PSK08F or ACA17515F).

Now use MHU35F.

  • Variable UHF gain control.
  • Wideband, covers UHF & VHF bands but only amplifies the UHF band.
  • F-Connector inputs and output.
  • FM trap included.
  • Single or dual inputs.
  • Includes PSK08 17.5VAC power supply.
  • Works with 14VDC, 17.5VAC or 22VAC power supplies
  • Brand new.

Power supply may be either a Kingray PSK08F or a Daichi ACA17515F.

Full Specifications:-

  • Frequency range - VHF 44-230MHz, UHF 520-820MHz
  • Maximum gain - VHF -2dB, UHF 34dB
  • Noise figure - VHF <3dB, UHF <2.5dB
  • Output figure - 108dB, DIN 45004B @ (-60dB IMR)
  • Gain controls - VHF Tilt control 14-10dB, UHF 10dB
  • FM filter - 25dB @ 88-108MHz, Aus pager filter - -25dB @ 148MHz.

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