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Audio Turntable Stylus - Ortofon NF15.O/II Series Compatible - Part # D1029SR

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Ortofon NF15.O/II Compatible Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D1029.

Equivalent to Ortofon NF15.O/II, Goldring D792, D854, D860, Soundring D909, D930, D931.

Similar to Ortofon NF15.OE/II, Stanfield D1027

Fits CEC-CDC FF15EO/II, HS210, HS310, HS510, ST310, Dual DN353, FF15.O/II, CS1236, CS1237, Kenwood Trio N15/II, F15/II, Onkyo DN60STE, OC60VMS, Ortofon N15/II, N15E/II, NF15O/II, NF15OE/II, F15/II, F15E/II, FF15/II, FF15E/II.

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