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SafeClens Mini Emergency Technology Rescue Kit - Part # ATRK000MIN

SafeClens Mini Emergency Technology Rescue Kit - Part # ATRK000MIN

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Safeclens Technology Rescue Kit for Drying & Restoring Wet Electronic Devices.

Part No. ATRK000MIN, TRK000MIN.

  • Safe, Quick & Easy.
  • Dry-out Wet Technolgy Fast.
  • Mobile Phone, Smartphones.
  • MP3 Players, Video Games, Cameras.
  • Remote Controls, Watches.
  • Manufactured in UK by AF International.

This kit removes moisture from electronic devices, quickly & safely following some very simple but effective instructions. It acts as an emergency recovery kit for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players and any other electronic or battery operated device.

If you've dropped your device into water follow a few simple instructions and this kit will draw out the moisture. Removing the power source and water quickly may save your device and your data. If dropped into solution other than water then wash the device in clean water.

Full instructions are inside on the recovery bag - follow them carefully.

Disclaimer: The product has been rigorously tested and has been shown to successfully restore electronic devices that have been subjected to water and humidity damage. Due to the diversity of circumstance, no guarantee of recovery from damage can be offered. By opeing the pack you will have been deemed to have accepted this disclaimer.

AF International is Europe’s leading manufacturer of specialised computer, office equipment, and multi-media cleaning products which have been developed to answer the stringent cleaning demands of modern technology and equipment.

With health, safety and hygiene issues high on the agenda of multi-user environments, special bactericidal formulations are used in AF products to clean effectively and hygienically thus reducing the risk of infection through viruses, and consequent lost productivity through illness. With operation safety paramount, non-flammable materials are used throughout the entire range and in line with AF’s environmental policy, wherever possible packaging material is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The distinctive blue, silver and yellow multi-language packaging is recognised throughout the world.


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