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Sovtek 6SN7-GT HiFi Audio Output Valve - Part # 6SN7GT

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Sovtek 6SN7 HiFi Audio Output Dual Triode Thermionic Tube.

Part No. 6SN7GT.

Equivalent to 6SN7EH, CV181,1986,1988,278, ECC32, E1606, VT231, 12SN7.

Manufactured by Sovtek.

Octal base. 5Watt output per valve.

TWIN TRIODE Audio Frequency Use.

Heater voltage 6.3, Heater current 0.6Amp, Anode voltage 250, Anode current 0.009Amp.

Premium Q Audio Frequency General Purpose Valve eg. suit driver for 6L6.

This is a very popular power output valve used in many vintage & professional hifi amplifiers favoured by audiophiles.
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