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Sovtek 6L6WGC / 5881 Classic Audio Output Valve - Part # 6L6WGC

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Sovtek 6L6-WGC / 5881 Audio Output Thermionic Tube.

Part No. 6L6WGC.

Equivalent to 5881, 6BG6, 6L6GC/GT.

Manufactured by Sovtek.

Octal base. 30Watt output per valve.

Most reliable 6L6 available.

Extremely constant production Popular in Marshall’s and others.

Rigid Mil. Spec. output tube 6.3V@0.88A 250Vx73mA Plate.

Popular for its choice in tone.

Warm round tone that "sweetens".

This is a very popular power output valve used in many professional guitar amplifiers such as Fender, Marshall, HiWatt, Orange, Mesa Boogie & many others.

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