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Electro Harmonix Matched Pair Gold 300B Audio Output Valves - Part # 300B-EH-PL

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Matched Pair of 300B Audio Output Thermionic Tubes.

Part No. 300B-EH-PL.

Manufactured by Electro Harmonix.

UX4 ceramic base. 40Watt output per valve.

TRIODE POWER - MATCHED PAIR - "The BEST 300B in the world!!!"

Gold plated grid.

Classic large shoulder bottles.

24Hr burn-in matching pairs. Best specifications achieved 8 course directly heated filament. 40 Watt, gold plate.

Improving upon standard 300B tube grids, which are typically made of pure nickel, the gold plating reduces grid current and adds effective improvements to the overall grid function. Given that all triode power amps draw some amount of grid current whether they're playing softly or at full blast, this stabilizing effect will offer enhanced sound and durability.

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