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Electro Harmonix 6BQ5 / EL84 Audio Output Valve - Part # EL84EH

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Electro Harmonix Classic 6BQ5 / EL84 Audio Output Thermionic Tube.

Part No. EL84EH.

Manufactured by Electro Harmonix.

9pin Noval base. 17Watt output per valve.

Extremely musical with a sound that is rich, smooth, detailed without being edgy. Beautiful!

It is the perfect EL84 for any vintage equipment & a sure way to improve the performance of even modern audiophile systems.

This is a very popular power output valve used in many professional guitar amplifiers such as Watkins, Vox & many others. Also popular in professional audiophile hifi amplifiers.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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