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Philips Oslo, Nilfisk Newline, AEG Vampyr 5000 Series Vacuum Bags - Part # AF463

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Philips Oslo, LG V4000 Series Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5 + Filter).

CleanStar Part No. AF463.

Equivalent to Menalux T57B, T190, 3200, Qualtex SDB118, SDB196, Anlin AF463, Stokes V7228, Unifit UNI98, UNI098, QuickFit QB98.

Suits AEG Vampyr 5000 series, Philips Oslo+ HR6938, HR6939, HR6300 - HR6500 - HR6800, HR8847, HR8765, HR8731, S6380, S6500, S6580, S6838, T300, T400 - T800, T900, TC400 - TC999, P700, P710, P720, P760, Ruton RO 7111, 8887111, 12015, Vitall 371, 373, 377, 385, TCX 431, 441, 535, 537, 628, 631, 642, 772, 778, 852, 889, TC Exclusive, Vision HR87/HR88/HR89 Series, Turbomax, Silence, Furore, Vitall, Golden Magic, TC515, TC535, TC615, TC633, TC737, TC738, TC836, TC838, Dirt Devil DD270, Nilfisk Newline NF22S, NF225, Volta U414, AEG Vampyr 5000, 5030, Holland-Electro Sea-Seal Fuzzy Logic, LG/Goldstar Limpio V4000 - V4099, V4000CT - V4000HT - V4000T, V4350CTV, V4400 - V4499 Series, V4500 - V4599 Series, V4500AHT, Shark V5000 - V5099 Series, Turbo Fuzzy - Turbo 4000, T5000 - T6000, Shark V5166 Series, 4400,  4500,  LIMPIO,  SHARK,  T5000,  T6000,  TURBO 5000,  TURBO 6000,  TURBO5000,  TURBO6000,  V4000CT,  V4000CTV,  V4000D,  V4000DV,  V4000G,  V4000HT,  V4000HTV,  V4000T,  V4000TV,  V4000TY,  V4010D,  V4010T,  V4030D,  V4030T,  V4030TV,  V4060CT,  V4060CTV,  V4300D,  V4300DV,  V4300HT,  V4300HTV,  V4300T,  V4300TV,  V4350CT,  V4350CTV,  V4350D,  V4350DV,  V4350HT,  V4350HTV,  V5000CT,  V5000CTV,  V5000D,  V5000DV,  V5000HT,  V5000HTV,  V5000T,  V5000TV,  V5004HT,  V5010D,  V5010T,  V5060CT,  V5060CTV,  V5153TV,  V5155HTV,  V5166CT,  V5166CTV,  V6353TV,  V6354HTV,  V6377CTV, Volta U414.

Packet of 5 bags including bonus universal filter.

Cardboard dimensions - 108mm X 135mm, hole diameter - 50mm.

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