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Genuine Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster Filter - Part # 5147239-00

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Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster Filter.

Genuine Part No. 5147239-00, FILT-PIV.

Fits newer Black & Decker Dustbusters.

Fits Black and Decker Dustbuster models including 1205XE, 1405XE, 1205B-XE, 1205BXE, PV1205, PV1205XE, PV1405, PV1405XE, PV1805, PAV1205, PAV1205XE, PV9605, PHV1800, PHV1800CB, PHV1800C-XE, PVF100.

Filter height - 80mm, top diameter - 49mm, bottom diameter - 78mm.

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